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At Sunshine Drugs, we offer many various kind of programs. 

Referral Program

Tell your Friends and Family about Sunshine Drugs today, and earn limitless benefits from our wonderful Referral Reward Program.


Its salient features include the following:

  • You receive an exciting credit of $20 for every new customer you refer to us. The credit is applicable to all future OTC purchases you make.
  • Your friends also benefit from the referral by getting a $20 discount off their first OTC orders!
  • Limitless points and rewards to earn. You can refer new clients as many as you want and you get the equivalent credit points you deserve.

Enjoy the biggest referral benefits only at Sunshine Drugs. Refer a friend now!

Synchronized Medication Assistance Program


Multi-Med Packaging

Available to Everyone at NO Cost*


Ideal for Senior Citizens, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinsonism Patients

Multi Drugs Pack

Medication non-adherence is a tremendous problem. Patients often get confused between many pharmacy bottles & fail to take meds as prescribed. We are helping many patients by packing all their meds together by time of the day. This complimentary service will enable patient take their medicines at right time.

Multi Drug Packaging will enhance patient’s meds compliance and improve their health.

Right Medication On Right Time 




  • Designed To Help In Drug Compliance With Maintenance Medications
  • All Meds Are Arranged By Time Of Administration
  • Easy To Use Punch Card System
  • Color And Imprint Options For Easy Pill Identification
  • Easy To Keep Track Of All Meds
  • by using Date or Numbers on pack
  • List Of Medication On Side/Top Of Package
  • Increased Drug Compliance
  • Easy To Carry
  • Peace Of Mind
Family Billing




At Sunshine Drugs, we offer easy and convenient billing options.  We Offer ” Family Billing* “, in which patient or resident at Nursing Home or ALF can take advantage of this. In this option patient can pay on monthly basis. We mail a statement on there provided address. Patient have 15 days time to make payment.Patient or their family can make payment as Cash,Credit/Debit Card, Check.

Particularly for Nursing Home and ALF, Resident can choose Family billing as their default option. We mail statement to their family.


Please Call us for More Details.


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